Welcome To PixelTrax

Virtual Racetrack Creation and Design.

We make tracks using Rfactor2.

PixelTrax builds virtual tracks for the ever popular racing simulator Rfactor2.

We use LIDAR data (where available) to accurately reproduce real life tracks with great accuracy and feel.

We can also build “fantasy” or bespoke tracks for clients for use as testing grounds.

We use the latest 3D modeling software which we then run through a 3D texturing program to make realistic tracks and assets.


Have a project you would like us to build?

contact us at pixeltrax.eu@gmail,com

Please consider donating a little cash to us to help us fund building more scratch built tracks.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Give your sim rig a personal touch.
Upload your own race team logo, favourite sim racing image or anything you like and get it printed on your very own Mug, Mousemat, Coaster or all as a set!


Rfactor2 Track List

Daimler2022 - Beta Release

A complete rework of the original Daimler Teststrecke literally from the ground up.
The track now has a lot of elevation / undulation compared to the previous release which was 100% flat.

This is a quick release of an unfinished track. There is still lots of work to be done but this current release state is race ready (daytime only).

To come in the next release…

Indy Version – Short layout
Night lighting (currently can only drive in the day)
Outer buildings and terrain updates.
Extra trackside objects to fill the place out.

Patras 2021

Patras is the very reason that we started our journey in the track modding world.

We knew that Greece had an F1 track planned but the idea was abandoned due to a financial crisis.

Luckily for us they had already dug out the outline of the track which is visible on Google Earth, enabling us to obtain the data that we needed to build it inside RF2.

Very fast flowing track with a DRS zone on the main straight.

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